Lestari Group is one of the first woodworking company in Indonesia with a FSC certification.

Lestari Group is one of the first woodworking company in Indonesia with a FSC® Certification.

As a responsible steward of the environment, Lestari Group has championed the use sustainable lumber in all its operations. We are committed to carry out full traceability programs, in accordance with national provisions Timber Legality Assurance System (SVLK in Bahasa), PEFC™, & FSC®. As a buyer committed to responsible practices, we source raw materials only from 100% certified, legal sources that are verified by independent audits. To enforce this standard, we require from our suppliers FSC® certifications, full trace logs, and independent audits.

What is FSC & COC?

Established in 1994, the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is currently the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management solution. It is a non-profit organization that sets certain high standards to ensure that forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner.

Today, large companies such as Target and IKEA are becoming increasingly concerned about our planet. By 2020, they are planning to only use materials that are FSC® certified.

Two types of key components are required to obtain FSC® certification: Forest Management & Chain of Custody. Environmentally, socially, and locally, Lestari Group has met the highest standards and can obtain the certification.

10 Principles of FSC©

  • Compliance with laws
  • Workers’ rights and employment conditions
  • Indigenous peoples’ rights
  • Community relations
  • Benefits from the forest
  • Environmental values and impact
  • Management planning
  • Monitoring and assessment
  • High conservation values
  • Implementation of management activities
3 Types of FSC® Labels

FSC 100%
Products come from FSC® certified forests

FSC® Mixed
At least 70% of the wood in the products are recycled or come from FSC® certified materials

FSC® Recycled
The wood in the product came from reclaimed material

Why is it important?

In our current world where global warming is developing into a serious problem, FSC® certification is becoming more and more important to help reduce illegal logging and create more sustainable forestry. FSC® provides transparency and traceability of the production as all FSC® certified products can be traced back to where it came from, including its country of origin and the tree from which the product is produced. By buying these products, consumers are helping and supporting companies that want to help this planet become greener again. FSC® systems also allow businesses and consumers to identify, purchase, and use wood products that are made from well-managed forests.

Lestari Group has been implementing FSC® in the workplace since 1999 for XIP, 2008 for LMB, 2016 for SHR, and 2019 for PT LMB. All local woods such as Pulai and Jabon produced from our plantations are FSC 100% certified.

Trees produce oxygen and store carbon dioxide. Without trees, life on earth is impossible. Preserving the forests where these trees live in is important due to the deforestation that is happening at an escalating rate.

Our Certificate

The people who work at Lestari Group are dedicated to complying with forest sustainability policies to support responsible forestry practices.

PT Lestari Mahaputra Buana (LMB) Plantation

  • Well Managed Group of Plantation Certification
  • FSC 100%
  • PEFC Chain of Custody Certified

PT Sentosa Hastareksa (SHR)

  • Well Managed Group of Plantation Certification
  • FSC® Chain of Custody Certified

PT Xylo Indah Pratama (XIP) Community Forest

  • Well Managed Group of Plantation Certification
  • FSC 100%
  • Sucofindo International Certification Services

PT Xylo Indah Pratama (XIP) – Bekasi

  • FSC 100%