LMB Plantation

Facts & Figures

Since : 2014
Location : Cimangusd, Cipatat, West Java, Indonesia
Products : 100% FSC Certified Klampayan
Audit : Forest Management (FSC)

Certificate License


LMB (Lestari Mahaputra Buana) Plantation is located in Cipatat, West Bandung Regency, West Java with a plantation of 5,000,000m², next to PT. Perhutani. The location is 12 km from the location of PT. Lestari Mahaputra Buana, and in the middle there is an infiltration lake of 1.5 ha. This hilly plantation, located 400-600 meters above water level, is used to plant Jabon trees whose area is distinguished by the age of the tree.

This plantation was first bought in 2014, and direct planting of seedlings was carried out in that year during the rainy season. In addition to planting Jabon trees, Robusta coffee trees are also planted there because of the climate and height suitable for growing coffee. In addition, there is also a greenhouse to grow vegetables, the results of which are distributed for consumption of employees and staff on site. Nurseries on plantations are used to breed tree seedlings which will be planted in the garden. The number of workers in the plantation comes from local residents who, besides helping the economy in the area, also acts as one of the CSR actions there.