PT SHR Social Forestry

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Established : 2015
Location : West Java
Products : Pencil Slats & Paint Brush Handle
Certification : FSC® & VLK

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PT SHR’s Social Forestry Farmers are a social forestry-based model managed by PT Sentosa Hastareksa to facilitate member farmers so the land they manage is in accordance with the 10 FSC® principles which will later be used by the pencil slat raw material, brush handle, and brushes processing industry. Spreading across several districts in West Java, we focus on maintaining and growing wood species as raw material for SuperK (Antocephalus Cadamba) and Rubber Wood (Hevea brasiliensis) and ensuring that all wood products produced are certified as FSC® well-managed group forest plantation.

As facilitators of social forestry-based farmer groups, we actively contribute to fostering each farmer from the planting process, seedling, maintenance until the wood harvesting process. Each process is always guided by our field facilitators so that it always met the procedures of FSC® Principles and Criteria. Apart from that, we also help provide the farmers with their operational needs.

Besides fostering social forestry-based farmer groups in managing forests, we are also committed to playing an active role in fostering forest communities by carrying out various coaching related to high conservation areas, maintenance techniques, pests and diseases, and other social activities intended to educate forest communities which hopefully that can boost the economy of local communities to be even better through community forestry programs.

As a forest management entity group, we also carried out a sustainable production practice as our contribution to the environment and timber legality. We also conduct an inventory survey on each tree managed by farmer groups to facilitate the chain of custody from product to back to stump or vice versa according to the FSC® chain of custody scheme.