Cedar Slat

Pulai Slat

Recycled Slat

Super K Slat

White Fir Slat

Sawmill – When the logs arrived to facility from the plantations, the logs are then processed in the sawmill into lumber. The logs are cut according to the standardized thickness that is suitable for producing pencil slats.

MBL – The lumber is then cut lengthwise to the thickness compatible with what is needed for the slats at that time, resulting in long slats. Afterward, the long slats are cut into smaller pieces with the length in accordance of the needs and buyers’ requirements.

Kiln Dry – The white slats are then treated according to Lestari Group’s standards that produce red slats if needed and then dried in the oven to achieve certain percentage of moisture content according to the slat specs.

Packing & Warehouse – Sorting and packaging are the last steps of slat production. After the slats are dried the slats then sorted by the workers and surrogated according to their grades and the packed into boxes which then will be stored in the warehouse