Commitment in Implementing Social Responsibility (CSR)

Lestari Group is committed to complying with all regulations and carrying out social responsibility programs applicable to all employees. We apply all industry-standard health and safety regulations in factories.

We are committed to communicating all FSC® and PEFC™ policies to all employees and to always inform them with the latest news and regulations. We provide employees with training and education that helps them grow as competent, knowledgeable, and productive members of the workforce.

We care not only for the people who work with us but to the surrounding communities in our factories and plantations. We are committed to contributing to society far beyond the minimum to comply with regulations. We strive to provide our communities with the benefits and assistance we are equipped to provide to improve the quality of their lives.

Eid al-Adha

Lestari Group always support our surrounding neighbourhoods each year for Eid al- Adha, a sacred religious holiday in Indonesia. We donate sheep or cows to celebrate the holiday with their communities and families. We also provide holiday allowances, known as Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR), for caretakers and leaders of the communities as a sign of respect and appreciation.


Lestari Group empowers younger generations in neighboring communities to study and to pursue a brighter future. Lestari Group makes financial contributions to schools and assists schools with the development of the infrastructure to foster a safe, inspiring school environments for the children.

Yayasan STONI Tennis Pro-Camp (Bekasi)


We work with neighbors in our companies’ communities to provide them basic necessities and infrastructure, like clean water. We make financial contributions to help build wells and pumps to help them improve living conditions and build a better community for all.


PT LMB Plantations and XIP Agroforestry have helped the residents and local farmers surrounding the area by giving them jobs here. We want to make sure that by owning our own plantations, we can provide more jobs for them and improve the livelihood in the villages.

We gave the local farmers seedlings for them to plant on their own as well as fodders and firewoods to fulfill their daily needs. By 2019, we have given out more then 200,000 seedlings.

We always try our best to maintain good relationships with the head of the villages and the residents and always help them in their time of need with various kinds of assistance and donations. We want to make sure that through our helps, they can improve their quality of lives.