Our Subsidiaries

Established : 1996
Location : Raya Padalarang no 273, Padalarang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40553
Products :
• Cedar Wood Slats & Pencils
• Mountain White Fir Wood Slats & Pencils
• Pulai Slats & Pencils (Local Wood)
• SuperK Slat & Pencils (Local Wood)
Certification : FSC® (2007), PEFC™ (2008), SVLK (2012)

Founded in 1996, PT Lestari Mahaputra Buana is the youngest company within Lestari Group, built on humble beginnings as a supplier of slats for pencils. Over time, we gradually expanded capacity and began vertically integrating to produce finished pencils to satisfy growing demand in the stationery industry. Now, as one of the leading manufacturers of pencils and slats in the world, we continue to innovate and strive for the excellence that our customers have come to expect of Lestari.

LMB has a diversified and secure source of feedstock. LMB primarily relies on a secure supply of locally sourced woods from plantations owned by our sister companies. For such products as Cedar Wood and the Mountain Fir Wood, we partner with trusted overseas suppliers like Sierra Pacific Industries in California, with whom LMB has built a longstanding partnership that traces back to 1996. Thanks to the trust and patronage of our global customers from Europe and the United States, we have become one of the biggest slat exporters, especially for Cedar Wood.

Since its inception, LMB has always prioritized leading the industry by setting best practices. As an industry leader, we have invested heavily to maintain industry-leading certifications such as FSC® (since 2007), PEFC™ (since 2008), and SVLK (legal harvest of Indonesia’s forests; certified since 2012). Our customers choose our brand with confidence, knowing that their purchase supports traceable and environmentally sustainable forestry practices.

Established : 1989
Location : Raya Padalarang no 273, Jawa Barat 40553
Products :
• Textile Dyes
• Textile Printing
• Textile Auxiliaries
• Pencil Lacquers
Website ptlentera.co.id
Audit : By UL (responsible sourcing and social compliance)
Certification : EN 71

PT Lentera Mutiara Sejati was founded in 1983 as a textile chemical importer and supplier. Today, it has grown to a reputable company, serving all textile processing demands such as sizing, pre-treatment, dyeing, printing, and finishing in Indonesia.

In mid-1998, the company expanded by producing lacquer for pencils for its group. Being an environmentally responsible company, it initiated research in 2008 to develop water-based pencil lacquers and began production in 2009.

Considering that most of our customers are located in Bandung, we placed our headquarters and laboratory in this beautiful city with branches in Jakarta and Solo. Our policy is to achieve the best results to consistently satisfy our customers. For this reason, we don’t just sell our products, but also provide technical assistance

Established : 1985
Location : Jl. Raya Narogong Km. 13, Pangkalan 1B, Bantar Gebang, Bekasi 17310, Indonesia
Products :
• Pulai Slats (Local Wood)
• SuperK Slats (Local Wood)
• Wood Pellets
Certification : FSC®, SVLK

PT Xylo Indah Pratama is a leading, Indonesia-based manufacturer of wooden products such as pencil slats and wood pellets. As the oldest company within Lestari Group, PT XIP has been producing slats since the 1980s.

PT XIP sources its lumber from a wholly owned, 100% FSC®-certified and sustainably-managed plantation, located in Muara Beliti, South Sumatera. The feedstock consists of a wide range of local wood species, such as Alstonia Scholaris & Alstonia Angustiloba (known as Pulai), Anthocephalus Cadamba (known as SuperK), and Hevea Brasiliensis (known as Rubber Wood). Once the lumber is hand-selected and harvested, it is exported to various parts of Europe, United States, and Asia.

Sustainable forestry is the top priority in our company. In the service of those ethics, PT XIP conducts routine certification training exercises to apply the latest best practices in its operations and align all stakeholders to the same North Star.

Established : 1993
Location : Raya Padalarang no 273, Jawa Barat 40553
Products :
• Brush & Brush Handles (Rubber wood & Maple wood)
• SuperK Slats (Local Wood)
• Custom Wood Products

Sentosa Hastareksa is one of the largest wood manufacturers in Indonesia. It produces custom wood products, pencil slats, and brushes for the premium market with a vision of providing quality service with enhanced work efficiency, relationship, and profitability. Sentosa Hastareksa is dedicated to designing and manufacturing with the highest efficiency to produce high quality and price-competitive goods.

Products produced by Sentosa Hastareksa come from local wood known as Anthocephalus Cadamba (known as SuperK), which are sourced from our 100% FSC® certified plantations (PT LMB plantation & XIP Argo Forestry). The company uses a sustainable manufacturing process that supports the environment, does CSR as its responsibility, and only use wood from sustainable forests.