XIP Community Forest

Facts & Figures

Established : 1985
Location : Jl. Raya Palembang Km. 25, Muara Beliti, Kab. Musi Waras, Sumatera Selatan, Indonesia
Products : FSC 100% Certified Pulai & SuperK
Certification : FSC® since 1999

Certificate License


Acquired in 1985, XIP Community Forest is Lestari Group’s very first plantation. The forest is located in Muara Beliti, South Sumatera, where we nurture and grow three different kinds of wood species: Alstonia Scholaris & Alstonia Angustiloba (known as Pulai), Anthocephalus Cadamba (known as SuperK), and Hevea Brasiliensis (known as Rubber Wood). As a champion of the FSC® principles, XIP Community Forest has ensured that its entire portfolio of wood products has been certified FSC 100% since 1999.

This complex comprises of a nursery and research facility, where we produce, research, and test new seedlings to produce the best seeds for the plantation. The R&D team here identifies tree species that are suitable for cultivation in the area and economical for productionXIP Community Forest cooperates with local farmers who are trained regularly to maintain sustainable farming and reforestation.

As a company, we practice sustainable production as a vital process in our everyday life. We conduct census surveys of our raw wood, tracked & categorized by serial numbers for full traceability. All production is always full compliant with FSC® and Chain of Custody regulations.