Our History



  • Mr. Kwee founded PT Hijau Indah to trade chemical goods.


  • Diversified business to produce pencil slats under PT Xylo Indah Pratama (XIP).


  • Founded PT Lentera Mutiara Sejati (LMS) to replace PT Hijau Indah and continue the chemical goods business.


  • Founded the first pencil operation, PT Pensilindo Pratama. PT LMS was relocated to Padalarang.


  • Established new brush factory in Padalarang PT Sentosa Hastareksa Buana (SHR).


  • Built the company complex in Padalarang to house the second pencil factory, under PT Lestari Mahaputra Buana (PT LMB).


  • Acquired lands for plantation (Cimangsud Plantation).

For more than three decades, Lestari Group has been continuously expanding its portfolio of capabilities and manufactured products, from intermediate slats to finished wood products like pencils and brushes. We have a long track record of engineering products to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our humble beginnings trace back to 1982 in Bandung, West Java, as PT Hijau Indah, a textile trading company that supplied textile chemicals to the local companies. The company was then re-established as PT Lentera Mutiara Sejati (LMS) in 1989, and is still in operation today.

In 1984, the company diversified into the wood industry as PT Xylo Indah Pratama (XIP) in Bekasi, West Java. The company was able to offer unmatched value in pencil slat production, thanks to stable, growing supply of raw materials from our own, sustainably managed agroforestry in Muara Beliti, South Sumatera.

From the successes of the pencil slats business, the company was uniquely positioned to seize an incredible opportunity to vertically integrate into the finished pencil market. We started manufacturing finished pencils through our first pencil factory, PT Pensilindo Pratama in Bandung, West Java in 1992. In the same year, PT LMS was relocated to Padalarang, West Java.

The company pursued its ambitious expansion plans at a healthy clip. In 1994, we expanded to manufacturing brush handles using our own Sumatran rubberwood and imported wood from the United States, through PT Sentosa Hastareksa (SHR). We have been since affiliated with Hans Schuhmann Lauf, a well-known German brand of brush handles and machinery. In 1996, we rebased the primary pencil operations, as well as those of PT LMS & PT SHR, to a much larger factory complex named PT Lestari Mahaputra Buana (LMB). That same year, we also formed a global business partnership with Sierra Pacific Industries of California, USA, from whom we imported specialty woods to support our production lines.

Through decades of such deep relationships with industry experts, factories, and suppliers around the world, Lestari Group has collected a vast reserve of deep technical expertise and a global footprint of industry connections, business partners, and customers.

Aggressive, new competitors and the adverse impact of climate fluctuations have sharpened our focus on our unique value offerings. More than ever, our customers’ mission-critical needs for stable, sustainable supply of raw materials and products are under threat, and we are doubling down to meet their acute needs. Lestari Group has acquired and planted thousands of hectares of land in the stable climates of West Java and South Sumatera, securing Lestari’s access to a sustainable, quality-controlled supply for the foreseeable future.

Lestari Group today is comprised of 6,000 loyal staff members. Thanks to the decades of experience, Lestari Group now hails as one of the most trusted, value-oriented, and forward-thinking pencil slats producers in the world.


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